Menstrual cups for girls and women!

Menstrual cups for girls and women!

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In Kenya is not possible to buy menstrual pads: it’s too expensive.

OKOA SASA is a small non-profit Kenyan organization that among all other projects (you may take a look at ) helps young girls and women by distributing menstrual pads, regular and washable. At the moment the best affordable, logistical and psychological solution is the menstrual cupA very small and invisible device, appropriate for young girls and mothers, easy to use and maintain and with unlimited duration, It’s non-polluting and fits from the first period to menopause.

Thousands of African girls and women cannot even talk about menstruation due to cultural behaviour and habits and during this monthly cycle they feel ashamed and sometimes feel obliged to hide.

A 2009 Tearfund Ngo report says that the 10% of African girls doesn’t attend school during menstruation or completely avoid education due to lack of hygienic structure or place where to change and wash. Main issue here is that most of parents can’t afford to buy sanitary pads for their daughters: a pack costs approximately 1,50 dollars which is a daily salary in Kenya.

The methods used to deal with menstruation are largely unhealthy, constraining and uncomfortable: very poor access to water or a private place where to clean, use of dried leaves, chicken feathers or goat skin to block the menstrual flow. They even stay on a hole digged in the ground for the entire duration of menstruation!

Washable pads can be a valid solution for women who lives in rural area where water and private spaces are not an issue but in small villages and slums can be very embarrassing to wash and wait for the pad to dry in public.

So, let’s introduce the menstrual cups!

Funds that we’ll raise will be entirely utilized to buy menstrual cups. The partnership with the fantastic team of the French company MIU ( led us to have a very special price. The founder Morgane Senbel will also give us cups for free!

The menstrual cups will come in four different sizes and models in order to fit all kind of women, young girls and mothers (

Grace Odembo, Okoa Sasa’s Manager, will receive the menstrual cups and distribute them to the girls and women of the surrounding area of Utange, Kiembeni-Kisauni, in Mombasa and to students of neighbouring schools.