What We Do

Changing life, breaking a circle destitution comes through helping our client to regain their respect build their self-esteem to the level they reach their potential in life.

Children Rescue Center

Okoa sasa acts as a rescue centre for children that have been sexually abused around mombasa and its environs. Every case requires special attention and care inordr to bring the rescued children back to a state where they understand that they are loved and possibly feel secure enough to be able to interact with other children their age. Help hem through the pain they have been through and come out the other side with possibly little to no emotional scars.

Parental Education

Educates parents on how to care for their children emotionally, physically and psychologically. Most parents that o through this type of education are parents with a zeal to learn on making the society a better place by better caring for kids be they the neighborhood kids or their own .

Drug Addict Rescue

We, at Okoa sasa go out on rescue missions every to weeks in the streets of mombasa helping out any drug addicts or child prostitutes we encounter. We do so by offering to help rehabilitate them in our organization and educate them on the dangers and effects of drugs and drug abuse. So far we have rehabilitated several teenagers and continue keeping up the hope that they will change their lives for the better and spread the message across to their peers.

Teenage Mothers Education

We noticed a large percentage of teenagers involved in sexual activity end up pregnant and HIV positive due to the fact that they were not educated on the results of unprotected sex.We took the initiative to educate them on sex and planned parenthood which covers a variety of self help topics.

Peer Counseling

We believe peers influence each other decisions in life. Due to this fact we train peer counselors to try and reach specific age groups mostly the teens & young adults. Peer counseling is a pillar in our work to help rehabilitate drug addicts, reaching teenage mothers & rescued children.

Youth Empowerment

We believe the youth are an agent of change. For this reason we work to empower the youth with necessary to influence positive economic, moral & cultural change in their. By so doing we have achieved a lot from decrease in drug abuse to less teenage pregnancy and child prostitution.


Children Rescued


Young Mothers Educated


Drug Addicts Rescued


Organisations Lobbied

Our Partners

Without the help of other organization we wouldn't have come this far. For this reason we have partnered and worked some to ensuring that our dreams of the girl child being protected, Drug abuse reduced and much more are fulfilled

Api Craft Technology MOH Kenya Ministry of Education Ministry Of water & Sanitation Mombasa County Government